Ciurba Claudiu

Ciurba Violins

Over 50 years of tradition and experience
in the manufacturing of string musical instruments
- violins, violas and cellos –

The ‘Ciurba’ instruments are handmade in the traditional way . They are based on the models used by the most famous violin makers such as : Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati, Goffriller, Montagnana, etc. If you are looking for a violin maker in Reghin ( Transilvania ) to honour  your order, either for a master’s violin, viola or cello, I would be happy to offer you a solution to your needs .

Transilvania ( silva ,silvae (Lat.) = forest ) is a region in Romania, well known for its rich , secular forests. A tree gets its energy from the land and the air. The Reghin area is itself an area in which you can find such forests. Both the land watered by clear springs and the clean air contribute to the growth of healthy trees whose wood has a high resonance qualities. The wood selection is matter in itself and we make sure that it reveals its most surprising sounding qualities.


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My introduction with the manufacturing of musical instruments was at a very early age , as violin making was a family tradition. Since I was little I used to stand by my father while he was working on something , trying to blend in by polishing a violin , thing that made me at the age of twelve , “ very useful “.
While attending a high-school specialized in wood carving , I decided to attend the courses of a violin making school .